Wednesday, July 9, 2014

{10 Today}

knight ranch on Sunday a little of every kind of weather kinda like our days in reality eh:)
 Some days thats what I need to do is stop and breath and enjoy the little things, endure the big things, and get past the things that don't matter, and aren't worth my time and energy stressing over.
move on. think. see. do. believe.
 ___________________. have faith .__________________
1. Lately: Mosquitoes have been horrendous. But the town has been spraying and its finally getting better . Some mornings have been a run dance swat kind of run.... good thing I go early, early

 2. These are great...... cut up fruit fill 3/4 of the way and add coconut water to the whole thing freeze and eat {34 calories of cold:) 
From the powell pack:)
 3. There are some pretty amazingly beautiful places on the earth and I am blessed to live by some of the best:)
 4. Finally getting hot for the lake so fun!! love having a boat and making new memories every year!
 5. He went and did it turned 5 on me... he had the best 2 day party ever:)
6. Canada Day came again and we partied bbq'd paraded and fire worked it all day long:) enthused bunch eh:)
cute cousin fun:)

7. Headed away soon and I CAN'T wait life has been so so crazy I'm just excited to get a little break. You know when a 12 hour drive is the most exciting thing your looking forward to just to see your husband for that long you know your to busy.....

8. Cannot wait for this movie I read the book and loved it! Incredible!{Pause my music first}

9. Love this. Because everything is on the line across the world things are chaotic, crazy and backwards keeping our feet firmly on the ground and living up to what we firmly know and believe is the only way we are going to make. Waffingly and fence sitting don't cut it!
" Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith."

10. Daunting some days, tiring most ......but it never lasts whatever stage your at take time to Breath:)

Have a great Week:)

Monday, June 30, 2014

{Winner is..... AND HAPPY CANADA DAY....}

WINNER is # 2
One of my Favoritist {is that a word oh well if its not;) PEOPLE ever...
T e r i s a
 Let me know where to send it;) 
 Weekend rundown:)
D and his sisters and K ran in our town run Sat I couldn't do it and the trade show so I did my own 5k earlier;)

They all killed the 5k ....D even got 2nd in his age category 
{the old man one jks;)

 It was grad and my beautiful yw past and present graduated so L and I went to the fashion show:) Gonna miss these girls!
 And did another trade show thanks to all those who came it was another success and so fun to do:) Getting all the more closer to my goal:)) So thankful for friends with cute stuff and for helping me out in all my mini  crisis's :)
 AND its our towns biggest weekend of the year Canada Day Celebrations where the town explodes to three times its capacity and lots of fun going on:))

AND THIS BOY TURNS 5 can you even believe it!!!! I so can't !!!
He is such a sweetheart and continues to bring joy, compassion and a big heart into everything he does!! We can't get enough of him pretty much everybody can't:))) Can't imagine life without him, without adoption without his birth families, without everything that made it possible for him to be apart of our eternal forever family!!! Love him to bits!!

Favorite quote of the week:

 Have a great JULY 1st and 4th:))

Thursday, June 26, 2014

{Thursday Thoughts....}

 The sun is finally shining and summer is finally here:)

Wow wow wow...Last day of school around here Monday we said goodbye to grades 2,4,6 this morning and hello to K, 3, 5, 7 next crazy how much change each year brings insane that my kids are getting so so big:(( not liking it so much:((  Ask me if I'm ready I for sure am not but I do love seeing my kids' personalities and spirits grow:)

 First and last days and teacher gifts
 and fun end of school welcome to summer block party for the kids

No blogging the past week and some... because we've had a lot of disasters around here LOTS of which our basement flooded after days of it in the last few hours of torrential down pouring......  so sad:( This was my FB status that night  "So what do you think the chances of your basement severely flooding? and your husbands work office flooding on the same night? For us pretty good. Not a good night. 
But I'm reminded of how awesome friends and neighbors are in a heartbeat to come help. I feel blessed to have such good people in my life. Realized all I really care about are my photo albums amongst all the junk we gather and it felt great to dejunk and throw things away. {not necessarily how I would plan it but....} but Crap happens. Pick up, brush off...... keep walking:)

D has been bishop for a year now as of last Sunday... crazy year its been busy and lonely and long, and I may have shed a few tears along the way..... but he has my no complaining.... 100% love and support attitude .... 
so many blessings along the way {of course a few curses too:( 
refiners fire I suppose all to make us stronger right:)
I'm sure some blessings I won't even realize until this journey is over....

Finished Soccer and Marathon L's team got gold in the final rounds she was so excited and played really well:)

 our rained on marathon day but we pushed through... 
love these hard workers!!

 I kinda love those silly face book quizzes because maybe its just me but when I'm done I read it and think wow that sounds like me;) For real though I like surveys and things:)

 I have a CRAFT trade show on this Saturday SO if your around please come support lots of new styles and fun pieces:) Msg me if you want to know where:)


I miss doing  
So Here goes an oldie.
ever thought of that?
We read blogs and we see a perfect life sometimes {obviously not here lol}  real life yes but perfect FAR FROM , where it looks like every thing is just great....perfect, happy and that everything is just like it seems...
Life is far from that for most of us...don't get me wrong I am greatly blessed
there are hurts that sometimes no one knows that you suffer alone and through that very few know or any
there are feelings of being  inadequate in whatever area in our lives, 
there are feelings of not being a good enough mother sister, friend 
feelings of loss for things that didn't happen that we wish did
there are misconceptions because of what we look like sometimes its called judging or what we've heard or what we unintentionally assume 

rumors, gossip and judging based on what you see and hear, but not what you KNOW or care to get to know the truth or the person....
taking time changes everything.
more than what you label me with, more than what has happened in my life,
and so is each one of doesn't matter if we weigh 110 llbs or 190 whatever...have brown hair, red hair, 10 kids, no kids......
each one of us is more than what we see.....
what comes from inside, our actions, or thoughts, our past, our present, our future 
is now what we are doing....  
2. I listened to a song called "if I only had today" by Hilary weeks 
" if there was no tomorrow what would I do differently today"
and I thought of how many little things we do or feel need done where there is only so little time with our children RIGHT NOW

Sometimes I worry so much about how my children will turn out and what makes them tick and why they do this or that, I need to remember that now is what is important stop worrying about what is to come and work on today because before we know it today becomes tomorrow and we never know how many tomorrows we even have....
GET TO KNOW someone for more that what you see or assume you already know....
Anyway my whole point really is sometimes we get down and people think they know who you are all but in actuality they don't...
and never will if they haven't 
walked in your shoes or your path of life....
if we really understood each other and really got to know others it would become apparent that all walls that we put up would be down....none of us is greater than another.  We'd see that we are all so much alike no matter what it is everyone see's about us....
I get mad occasionally
pretty sure some of us yell to much for things to get done,
we ask to much sometimes, expect to much
I get impatient to often
and feel like a maid everyday...
pretty sure  a lot of us feel the same
We are all children of God on the same plane 
and each of us is more than what we see...... 
inside is where it counts...
We are more than what you see.

Have a great week...
Look beyond the mirror and see whats there. 
Within and around you.

So how about a giveaway its usually the only way to see who still reads this blog;) ha ha and who's new:) 
so comment away:)
So how about the awesome new cookbook by my favorite group of sisters 
and a pair of my new Canadian or American button earrings:)
 and a pair of my new Canadian or American button earrings:)
{a little sneak peak to of whats new at the craft show at my booth too:) }
Since its Thursday tell me the things your most thankful for:)

Have a great week 
I'll pick a winner next Monday June 30th

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Thursday. again.

1.| Thankful for great neighbors who think like me and understand boys will be boys though a bit shocked that "this" boy would do this:
 This would be the neighbors garage entry door and a bottle of spray paint:(( & frame and sidewalk ahhh?? So not like him! fyi. Gasoline gets it all off spray it down good after though! Boys.

2.| Thankful for moments that take my breath away and remind of the quiet, perfect, peaceful things in life that are given us each day.
 This is the golf course one morning this week it was spectacular doesn't even look like our town it was so peaceful and kinda majestic like:)
Photo: Seriously beautiful morning out this morning!! I love my mornings:) this is the golf course kinda look like somewhere else this morn loved it:)

3.| Thankful for early morning dance parties where my kids look at me and shake their heads and give me that little smile that says "your crazy mom but I love you"

4.| Thankful for FHE scripture chases and eager to learn children, charades and the boy who prepared it and the fun we had.

5.| Thankful for this sweet, sweet boy I can't believe he is finished preschool and going to kindergarten next sept....he is so smart, friendly and kind I will miss him every morn:( But I'm thankful for the fun year he's had and the excitement he had for it...

6.| Thankful he finally took off on his bike too and he's loving it!

7.| Thankful for K's year of growth he's had a trying end of the year when he hurt his ankle but finished it strong and had a great final game to end it with....he's learned a lot and thinks he's ready for jr. high, his mother clearly isn't ready for him to go there yet though:(


8.| Thankful for prayer and the peace it brings when we need it most.

9.| Thankful for friends & family who see a need and act and make one's day. Who give me opportunities to serve them and know just when we need that little pick me up:)

10.| Thankful for living in a great neighborhood with friends for my children with parents who look out for each others kids...its kind of a great thing...who do things like this....follow this link

11.| Thankful for the blessing of Adoption in our lives for having a goal when the "plan" was shattered. For the beautiful souls we are blessed to raise and have as our eternal family, sometimes great things come from unexpected paths the hard things shape you, mold and you and push you. I look back everyday at how far we've come together and I can't believe that time has passed so fast and I'll have a teenager this year and my baby will be going into kindergarten. All I'm trying to do is raise little ones to be big ones with morals, values & strong testimonies. Who understand why they are here, who feel what its like to love someone with all their hearts and have a family and work hard.  In the end to make it back to the Father that sent us here to be tested and kneel at his feet and feel peace that we've done all we could to make it back whole. To pass the test. Everyone of them. Thats the goal. 

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make."
Gordon B. Hinckley

 Have a great weekend! 

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

{Monday Monday....}

 june | hope for future | good month | awesome | happy | winter | chill | sunny days | love |
 A Life Lived Well...this picture is everything for me.
....Tuesday Tuesday and now its Wednesday another week gone its crazy how fast things change when the sun comes out and we run all day long...from one thing to the next and some of the things we had time for slip off.....
 ..either way I'm still here holding it all together or at least pretending to;) No, life is good kids are crazy not wanting to listen or obey but we are learning lots of life lessons these days together...

Cannot believe there are like only 15 days left of school not complaining I'm about as sick of making lunches as the kids are of eating them..

so not ready to have a jr high man/child.....but he sure is a good kid and growing up SO fast seems like its speeding up as the months fly by....

not ready for long summer days of grouchy, fighting kids gotta find something for them to do to keep them busy 
we did get a season pool pass so we plan on using that:) 
i also
Signed us up for swim lessons, basketball camp for K, 5k's and tennis lesson for L ....on top of that through in a trade show and 20th school reunion planning along with some camping and boating and my july getaway {D's meetings;) my retreat;) 
It's going to be a great summer:)

July 1st is coming soon time to plan a party..... get my garden planted 
and K2's 5th birthday planned NOW that I can't believe...... he's going to be!! 5!!! how did that happen and going into kindergarten...... 
I will so so miss my sidekick:(( he is such a fun boy!

I suppose I've got to find some new hobbies or I'll be feeling pretty lonely:( Some days I already wonder whats next 
we've kind of hit a different stage in life.... kids in school..... close to turning 40 .....and so busy with all things children which I love....... but along the way I need to find what makes me feel important and useful and needed too......... does that make sense?? 

I have a very, very, busy husband who has no spare time and I do the best I can around here.  But honestly some days are hard I feel like a burnt out...tired, single mom sometimes, but I do know there are definite blessings associated with all D has to do and since i love and support him I do the very best I can at holding the fort down and keeping things rolling:) here:)
 Ms. L is growing like a weed and wanting to be a big girl and we kinda clash on that sometimes;) So trying to find a good middle ground and some responsibility and accountability, and helping to build a stronger self confidant pretty little lady:)
While the boys were at father and sons camp L and I had a girls night it was super fun:) 

LIFE eh. You never know.

I can do all I can in my home to help my children learn and gain deep testimonies and respect for others with strong traditional morals to remember the basics of life..... before everything and the world tries to tell them otherwise.  
We live in a backwards, disturbing world where evil is good and anything good, Christian based is deemed as old fashioned or that we're not tolerant or with the times, or its discriminating to think one way yet not the other way around makes no sense. Sad to watch daily freedoms, rights and good decisions be taken away.
but I can make my home an "old fashioned" valued haven.
....So many of us make a great fuss of matters of small consequence. We are so easily offended. Happy is the man who can brush aside the offending remarks of another and go on his way.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley

My next random thought is something that is driving the world into the ground everybody is obsessed with being offended over remarks, actions someones statement and everybody has a public outcry its ridiculous CHOSE TO NOT BE OFFENDED  
A man wears an Indian {yes I said Indian if that offends you get over it!}  head dress on the front cover of a popular magazine and Indians cry outrage and are offended {or whatever it may be}
 ......seriously people get over it...
we don't have to all agree on the same things we don't have to have rules and laws set in place that forbid me to have an opinion..... why is your freedom of speech aloud.......... but mine isn't............ thats all kinds of crazy a never ending cycle of crazy.... 
WALKING out your door you can be offended at every turn if you let it and the world is letting it happen over and over everyday...its pathetic really things that pass as normal or fined for having an opinion drives me mad! 
Give me the pioneer days any day!! 
This mess we've created is out of hand, destructive and disturbing.
Some of my FAVORITE THINGS lately:

"Best Dad Ever" tag + gift idea.... fill a mason jar with his favorite candy or snack for Father's Day!
Found here I'm loving mason jar finds so many options

Loving all things
coral and navy... our wedding colors
 Extreme Weight Loss Makeover show

fruits and veggies back in season:) yum

ha ha of course some chewy candies gotta keep it a little balanced;)
My early mornings.

 "Remember who you are, and who you ought to be."

I'm in a blogging funk .....I'm not a popular blogger ......just real life stuff and kids stuff I want to remember .... I suppose you've heard my thoughts, my feelings on lots of different topics and I guess nobody really comments on blogs anymore so it feels like nobody reads anymore ... 
so any ideas what would you like to see more of??
 of what do you like?

Have an amazing week:)